Computer Science
GSound is a geometric sound propagation and rendering library that is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and fast enough to be used in games and other real-time systems. GSound incorporates sound propagation techniques that I have developed (see Publications page).

All music performed, recorded, and produced by Carl Schissler.
Piano Demo (2011)
A collection of piano-based music recorded from 2010-2011.
Ambient One (2011)
A collection of ambient and electronic music recorded from 2009-2011, featuring keyboards and acoustic drums.
Arcologist Demo (2011)
A collection of shoegaze/electronic/noise music, featuring keyboards, vocals, and electronic percussion.
II Demo (2011)
Progressive rock/metal featuring guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and (eventually) vocals. II is a work-in-progress. This is an instrumental demo version of the final album.
Expire (2009)
Progressive rock/metal featuring guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals. Expire is a 5-song EP about phases of existence. The album is told from the perspective of a hypothetical oversoul and it details conception, birth, the passage of time, decline, and eventual death of the universe.
24 Hour Film: Murder Mystery - Soundtrack (2008)
An atmospheric electronic score with driving rhythms, melody, and ambience. The score was written and recorded on September 27, 2008 for a film that was written, shot, and edited in under 24 hours. The film is about the search for a student's killer and the main character's realization that they unconsciously committed the crime.
New Year's - Soundtrack (2008)
A simple piano-and-string-based score utilizing dissonance, major harmony and 7th chords to create a pensive soundscape suitable for the film's concept. In the film, two friends spend their last day together before they leave college for adult life and reminisce about what they have experienced together.
When Yuri Met Sally - Soundtrack (2007)
An eclectic soundtrack to a short student film mixing rock, blues, and piano/orchestral music with lush synths. The movie tells the story of a boy, Yuri, whose dream is to be an astronaut but who struggles with claustrophobia, and the challenges he faces with his friend, Sally.